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When i play movies on my TV (1080p) via HDMI cable to my laptop. I have laggs during the movie, they appear every few minutes. I have Toshiba P500-191 with i5 proccesor, 6gb memory, and nVidia GT 330M graphics card. I tired to install new graphics card drivers, i tired k-lite, CCCP, and other codec packs but the problem is still there. I use WMP, becouse i cannot get BSplayer to work, did not try other players becouse i need subtitles to play with movies. I hope you can help me. Thank you.
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  1. Try using VLC Media Player and see if the problem persists.
  2. VLC player is not working at all.
  3. Lags appearing after some time can mean that the CPU usage is spiking intermittently, or due to some high HDD activity.
  4. Every day, all day and only when i try to watch something?
  5. update your video drivers and codecs

    google klite codec pack, and if your using 64-bit (i hope you are) download the 64-bit version too and install it, and i suggest media player classic (with the klite full pack)
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