Questions Overclocking , Overvolting & CPU Temps !

:hello: H Ello

I have Few Questions about Overclocking .

1.WIll Undervolting Reduce Performance .
2.WHy sometimes we Undervolt ? Whats the Gain in Undervolting ?
3.Overclocking Comes with Overvolting ?
4.How much will be the Performance Difference Between Stock Speed of 3.2Ghz &(VS) Clocked to 4.0GHz ? for example Phenom 955 BEStock vs clocked to 4.0Ghz!

5.IF we Have Room with Low Airflow & rather High Temps! How Well Will Cooler Master Hyper 212+ Cool Down Phenom 2 4x Cpus ? you know regular Temps while gaming are 60-70 ( in room with Bad Condition ) now i want to know How things will be with CM Hyper 212+ IN Hot Condition ? because i have EP-Z660 But Temps are Almost same but with good Airflow & Cooling of Room i can Reduce temps to 52-58 While Gaming !

6.Imagin Phenom 955 BE , will i5 2400 Bring Too much Difference in games ?

Detailed & Simpler :

Whats the Difference between these 2 Platforms ?

Specialsystem+5870+i5 2400 vs Same rig+5870+phenom 955 ? Will i notice any difference ? how much fps ?
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  1. :hello:

    1. If the system is stable, no.
    2. The only real gain is lower system temps.
    3. It's the other way around. After a certain point, overclocking requires overvolting.
    4. CPU speed 25% faster. Overall system performance will be less.
    5. No way of knowing without trying. Only thing for certain is that higher ambient temps will give you higher system temps. That is why monitoring temps while overclocking is so critical.
    6. You probably will not see much difference - same GPU combined with either competent CPU.
  2. Yeah, the GPU will be the bottleneck in both circumstances.
  3. I don't know why you would under volt anything unless you were dropping your clock speed which would make no sense to me.
  4. WHat GPu Bottleneck ?

    You know i am not so satisfy of these games FPS : Metro 2033 Maxedout (DX11) , Crysis Warhead ( in heavy Conditions ) , Brink , GTA EFLC

    So i wanted to Know if I upgrade my phenom 955 BE to i5 2400 will i gain Big Amount Of FPS ? or things will be same !

    10FPS for Each one is Enough to Let me Enjoy them , crysis goes to 30 FPS in heavy Condition or Lesss ! so 10+30=40 & pretty playable !

    OR Upgrade to 6970 will help more ?

    Because if my CPu holds my GPu back , new VGA wont help !
  5. Sorry i forgot my Pass word thats why i amde new Account , I am so sorry !

    I am Currently Using 6870 & i wanna know which will help most ?

    i5 2400 ? or 6970 ?
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