Which psu is the better choice

XFX 650W xxx edition
Cooler Master Silent Pro M500
OCZ ModXStream Pro 700W
Seasonic M12II 520W

I need opinion on choosing a PSU for my build, I'm going to run my old single HD 5830 and I just want to know what is the better choice, I'm willing to give 70 euro's max for a PSU so I guess that's around $100 lower will be appreciated? the PSU's listed above are all around 70 euro's, I think some are overkill with their 650-700W, but how low do i want to go? will 500W be enough?
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  1. The XFX.
  2. Yep! if the price is right the XFX is a very good unit.
    Even the M12II is a solid choice if you never plan to xfire..
  3. In order of quality: Seasonic, XFX (built by Seasonic), OCZ, then CoolerMaster. The XFX is the best balance between quality and capacity.

    For a single 5830, any will do nicely.

    Of the 4, I'd get the XFX. Sooner or later, you are going to want to expand or upgrade.
  4. True, true. Thank you all for the reply's, I guess it's the XFX one I'm going for.
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