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Galaxy GTX 460

I would like to add some AS5 to the GPU on this card. Would it be ok to do this? I am asking because it seems a little warm when I OC this card so that leads me to think the stock grease isn't very good.
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  1. Yeah, it's not a bad idea as long as you are handy at taking such things apart and reassembling them.
  2. ^^ Well what about warranty ? And the tag ?
  3. I think this would void the warranty and to be honest I have never disassembled a video card. It looks like it could be taken apart fairly easily though by unscrewing the bottom screws and removing the cover then the heatsink. I was asking because I thought maybe someone here may have experience with this. I was not able to find any guide or article for disassembling this video card.
  4. Success! I removed the cover and then the heat sink easily! I then applied a handsome amount of Arctic Silver 5 to the GPU, reassembled and reinstalled the card. GPUz sensor tab now reports 26-27c idle @ 750-780 RPM compared to 36c idle @ 750-780 RPM (20% Fan Speed) before applying the grease. I have yet to see the results after running Crysis on * maxed settings.
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    Good job! Just be careful with AC5 as it is electrically conductive and can short out your card if you are not really careful. I always do my cards but as far as I know only EVGA covers this in their warranty ( on my 5th EVGA card in a row ).
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