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I am trying to create a parts list so that I can build a new gaming PC to replace my aging laptop. However, there are some parts I am a little unsure of what to pick out and I wanted to ask for some feedback on the general build of the computer. The budget of the computer is approximately $1500

Goals: I would like to keep SLI graphics as an option(Another Gefore GTX 570 at a much later date) so if this setup wouldnt let that happen please let me know. I also would like to keep overclocking on the CPU as an option so any help with that would also greatly be appreciated

Usage: I mainly play strategy games like starcraft 2 and the total war series, in addition to RPGs like dragon age origins or Fallout. My monitor will be a 22' Samsung T220HD that has a resolution of 1680x1050. Keyboard, Mouse, and OS(Windows 7) are not included in the budget.

Any feedback you may have towards anything please post!
Parts List:

CPU: i7-2600K

Motherboard: Asus P8P67 pro (I do know these are on recall, this build is planned around April and May)

RAM: I would like to have 6 or 8 GB but I dont know what brand to buy or anything

Graphics: Geforce GTX 570

Power Supply:CORSAIR CMPSU-750TX (Is this an appropriate Wattage Power supply? What if I plan to overclock or add in SLI, would you use a different supply?)

Hard Drive: WD Caviar Green 500GB (Open to suggestions here as well, nothing fancy)

Optical Drive: I am unsure of what I need here. I dont need anything fancy, I would like to save money here

Case: I am unsure of what case to get as well. I would like to get a half tower size but if half tower size is too small then thats OK.

Cooling: Hyper 212 Plus( Read that on Maximum PC this was a great value Air cooler, but do I even need to get another cooler over the stock one?)
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  1. Twin 570's should get an 850. Case / PSU recommendations:

    Full Towers:

    Antec DF-85 ($160) w/ CP-850 (120) - Best case I have ever built with, PSU gets 10.0 performance rating om and wind Editor's Choice award from for it's quietness.

    CM HAF-X ($190) w/ XFX 850 Black Edition ($120) - My 2nd favorite case; PSU like the above is a match for Corsair 1st tier HX series PSU's (TX is 2nd tier) but far less expensive.

    Mid Towers:

    Antec DF-35 ($100) w/ XFX 850 Black from above

    HAF-922 ($110) w/ XFX 850 Black from above - Until this week this was my 1st choice, but then the 822 was $90 and the DF $120 .... at same proce, I'd be torn but I'd take the 922 .... At $10 less, I like the DF.

    GFX - At $315, I'd grab this one ... read the warranty stuff on feedback page in case shorter warranty (only 3 years) bothers you

    HD - Green means power savings (aka slower) .... good for enterprise with 2000 HD's, the extra watt won't affect your utility bills. Caviar Black, 7200.12, F3 all good .... each one exceeds in certain areas, no overall winner. Get 1 TB model. Currently Seagate has a "shell shocker" promo.

    Cooler - If not going to OC above 4.6 Ghz, no need for a 3rd party cooler. The 212 "was"a great buy, but considering the relative performance to the Scythe Mugen 2 SCMG 2100, the Scythe is worth the extra $10. That will require a TIM, by the way.

    CPU - Consider the 2500k, it's $100 cheaper and scarcely a gaming performance difference.

    DVD Writer - $22 - Asus 24X DRW-24B3L w/ LS
  2. For gaming, the GTX570 is a fine choice. It will do well with a 1920 x 1200 monitor.

    The 2600K is also a fine cpu, but at $100 more than a 2500K it is not a good value if $100 means anything to you.
    Few games use more than two cores, let alone 4, and hyperthreading on a 4 core gamer is pointless. You would do better to spend that extra $100 on a GTX580. It should serve without needing sli at least until the next gen cards arrive next year.

    You can get the same motherboard specs in a micro-atx, the P8P67-M Pro
    I have one, and it is a good motherboard.

    That opens up some interesting smaller form factor cases.
    How about the lian li V354?
    It comes in red and black also.

    I use the V351 and a GTX580, but the cpu cooling is just adequate. GPU cooling is fine.
    V354 is better for gamers.

    For ram, get a 8gb kit of 2 x 4gb. Ram is cheap.
    Something like this g.skil:

    Not much to be saved on a dvd burner, they are cheap:

    The psu is good, and appropriate.
    I like this modular XFX a bit better.
    silver rated too.

    CM 212 is a Good inexpensive cooler. It is all you need.

    Try to find $100-$200 in your budget for a SSD, it makes a lot of difference.
    Use the green hard drive for overflow, storage, and backup.

    Otherwise look at a WD black, which is a better performer.
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