Random fatal system freeze WIn7

Hello Pc genies!
I honestly never write in any of these Forums, because all my
solutions to problems are found on google or elsewhere on the net.
This time I couldnt find any solution, and slowly but surely I am
frustrating with my problem.
the problem
The issue is my system just stops wherever i am or whatever i am
doing. Screen just freezes, mouse and keyboard stop, system clock
freezes. Only hard system reset solves the problem.

2 weeks ago i bought myself a new pc (doing 3d animations). i
installed all parts myself which i am capable of doing.
the specs:
msi p67A-GD65 1155
i7 2600K
128GB SSD (System)
16GB Ram 1600 Corsair XMS3
vga zotac gtx 570 1280Mb
psu 750 W

I first installed win7 64bit on a sata drive. installed drivers etc
when the freeze occured..But it just seemes so happen when in idle
Mode..When system idle process is at 99%. It happend
randomly..sometimes 5min but also 3hours until freeze.
Then i thought the sata drive is corrupt, bought the ssd and installed
a fresh win7 64 copy. Everything went smooth an i was happy..Then
after 5-7hours while listening to nice music, suddenly, an aweful
screach (due to music), and everything froze. ***! After that it
happenend more frequently :(
the funny thing though, when i play games like BFBC2 i can play all
day nothing happens..Or even when I render an 3D image CPU (99%),
system doesnt freeze.

tests since now
I checked in the event viewer..no logs of the fault whatsoever. The
only thing which is logged, is when i hit the reset button..Critical
bla bla..But nothing of the freeze itself.

it cant be any virus or something, because of new system.

did a scan disk test after reboot.

did a sandy benchmark test (diagnostic tool)

all these tests didnt help a bit.

i am frustrated
i really tried everything, i am not lazy in not tdying and reading. i
just cant find a solution for this sad phenomen.
It really frustrates me...

So i hope someone out there can help me..I will get mail
notifications, and will follow this thread thouroughly..
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  1. this is real, feedback please
  2. arvidurs said:
    this is real, feedback please

    Have you heard of Intel's Sandy Bridge SATA bug? This phenomenon may be caused by this. For the time being this can be solved/identified by plugging in your HDD, SDD, and CD/DVD via the SATA3 ports or the SATA ports driven by a 3rd party chip on your board. If this fixes the problem then make sure that you get that motherboard replaced when Intel release the revised chipset in the next few weeks.

    Otherwise; I'd check the computer with Memtest and fiddle around with the BIOS settings.

    I hope that this helps you solve the problem and best of luck ...

  3. This doesn't look like Windows problems. It may very well be the issue ukee1593 suggested.
  4. i am glad about the feedback. I have heard of it, but have thought that it wouldnt recognize the drvies at all. i will give it a try an plug it in the sata3 ports, are they simply port 3?
    i have read that port 0 and 1 are not affected by the phenomen?

    thanks for the support.
  5. On the MotherBoard after a quick look as the destructions http://www.msi.com/service/download/manual-14690.html It seems as though ports 1, 2, 7 and 8 are all SATA 3 (6Gbps) spec, the first 2 by the chipset and 7 & 8 by a 3rd party chip.

    All the others are SATA 2(3Gbps) by the intel chipset and therefore it is possible that they will be affected by the SATA bug.

    I have also heard that port 0 and 1 are not affected but I'm not sure which ones on the motherboard match up to the chipset's 0 and 1.
  6. This is the classic presentation of thermal problems. Either your graphics card or CPU is overheating. I reckon it is most likely the CPU as Graphics overheating will often leave you with visible artifactson your screen.

    Check the heatsink and fan are mounted correctly, that your case has clear ventilation space around it and fans. Use a high quality thermal paste spread thinly over the entire chip.

    Just to check if I am right before digging back into your case download something like "speedfan" that will allow oyu to monitor your CPU temp in real time. Then use Prime95 to load your cores. See where the temperatures top out at. Anything over 70-80 deg C is bad.

    Start SPEEDFAN first and don't be suprised when the computer crashes immediately after starting Prime95, as the core loading will probably stimulate another overheat.

    Good Luck and let me know your findings. ;)
  7. Hey, so its not a thermal problem..I ran the test for more than 15minutes..Nothing happened. Smooth at 100% CPU @ maximal 38°

    some more ideas?
    Or is it that plausible that the problem is due to the sandybridge chipset?
  8. I just turned on the OC Genie option. (automatic overclocking).
    Maybe now the freezing stops...
  9. What I have also just read on the MSI News forum, that SATA Ports 1 and 2 and 7 and 8 are not affected by this SandyBridge bug.
    I plugged my SSD and DVD in SATA 1 and 2, and HDD 1 and 2 in SATA 7 and 8. SO i shouldnt be having the BUG. Weird. ?!
  10. Well you shouldn't be having that problem on your computer then ...

    IF the freezing continues then you should probably contact MSI technical support and ask them about it. Be prepared to have to muddle through a whole bunch of simple tests like: "Restart your computer" or something like that.

  11. I thought of something else it could be. It is unlikely, which is why I didn't think of it before.

    I have come accross twice in the last 5-6 years of building pc's (as a hobby for me and friends).

    Dodgy SATA connection because the SATA cable was pushed fully into the ports. Some cables I have had seem to "prefer" being plugged in a little loose. Not a great solution, buying a new cable that doesn't have a problem is better.

    try swapping out one from your CD drive or something if you don't have a spare. Obviously it would be the hard disk SATA cable that could present your problem so thats the one to change.
  12. Hello...So nothing happend till now. The freezes are back. I didnt changed a think. And suddenly the PC freezes again. Does anyone have the same problem. Or anymore tips for me?

    Please help otherwise ill have to trash my pc and eventually myself
  13. Have you exchanged your motherboard through your place of purchase or MSI? B3 revisions have been out for awhile now...
  14. I have already Applied Waiting for the Transport Box from msi...
  15. Hopefully a new board works out for you. It sounds like you were just unlucky and got a buggy one to begin with.
  16. its possible...I so hope its gone then, since my last message the froze 3 times again...its so nerve racking. geeezus
  17. yeah. btw, what brand is your psu? i've read a few threads where the psu would cause a bsod
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