EVGA claims to boost SLI/Crossfire with new toy.

This cheap EVGA gimmick claims to enhance overclockabilty of SLI/Crossfire setups.


Where are the benchmarks??
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  1. Might have some merit, if a pair of video cards were drawing a bit too healthy of a load....; essentially, a parallel supply input straight from PSU instead of thru mainboard circuitry....

    I'd personallly be leery of pushing SLI or Crossfire rigs too far when dealing with between $300-$1100 worth of video cards....
  2. If the benchmarks are improved I'm a believer. Until then I remain very skeptical.

    Also, I'm not a fan of the idea of injecting power in a manner not initally intended. I wonder if this violates ATX standards?
  3. Also it blocks what ever PCI-e slot you place it in so you'd need a board with an empty PCI-e slot (which kind of defeats the purpose of adding the extra power since now you have one fewer slots that needs power !!) and really if your using a high quality MOBO to begin with there should already be good enough traces on the MOBO to provide a steady power source to the PCI-e bus without the need for such a device - it might provide some stability for cheaply made MOBOs but you'd still be better off investing in a quality board to start with !
  4. JDFan said:
    Also it blocks what ever PCI-e slot you place it in...

    Unless you use the anyway useless PCI-1X / 4X slot.
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