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Basically i built my pc almost 2 years ago. It's a phenom 2 x4 940 cpu, 790gx mobo, 4gb 1066 kingston ram,
an xfx 1gb 4870 gfx coolermaster case and psu, blu ray reader.
Was just wondering whether its worth going ddr 3 and going for a dx11 gfx; are dx11 and ddr3 worth all the extra money i'd have to pump in?
I normally upgrade after 2 years so just wanted to get an idea if its worth it,
as i haven't taken any notice of updates in pc technology since i last updgraded my pc.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. You should wait for sandy bridge (intel's new procs) and bulldozer (amd's new procs) to be released in a couple months
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