Completed my first build (Will not boot?)

Hello all,

Complete noob here, This is the system I just put together:

AMD 1090T
Gigabyte 880GA HD3H
G-Skills 4x2GB 1600 MHz
Asus DVD drive
650 Watt PSU
Using internal Video

So everything went together without a problem, went to load up windows this evening and all I can get is "disk boot failure, insert system disk...."

I hit F12 and scrolled down to CDROM hit enter, seems like it is not recognizing the CDROM? No idea! I made a second Boot CD because I thought the first one was not burned correctly. This did nothing.

So is there a way that I can check to see if the motherboard is seeing the CDROM?

Also another question, while in the BIOS I saw that my SSD was slave and HDD was master. I want to use the SSD for the OS of course, do i need to change the SSD to master somehow? Let me know how if so.

I know I can search for this but I have been and cannot seem to figure anything else out.

Thanks in advance,

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  1. LOL, I moved the SATA plugs and re-checked the IDE cable. It was not seated properly.
    Booting now!
  2. You did of course make the CD drive the first bootable drive in the boot menu?
  3. Alright, I am on the internet. Need to figure out how to map the HDD as a drive so that I can start uploading/downloading things. I would like it to be the primary so everything likes to go directly to it.

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  4. got it kept right clicking in the worng spots
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