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Case fan set-up

I have this case:
I'm going to add a couple of fans and will have 6 total fans running. My question is, which fans should I set to intake and which ones to exhaust?

I know I need to have the front for intake, rear for exhaust, so those two are set. Should I set the two side fans to intake and the two top ones to exhaust? Or the bottom side one to intake, top side one to exhaust; and one intake, one exhaust on the top as well? Which method would provide the greatest airflow/cooling ability?

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Sides intake, top exhaust. Although side fans can cause disruption, or turbulence, with the air flow. If you have heat issues with graphics cards, unplug or slow down the side fans to see if temps improve. Just keep in mind a steady stream of air vs. just a high volume.
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    Intake ---> Front, Side, Bottom (if any)
    Exhaust ---> Rear, Top

    Try to balance the Intake and the Exhaust. (If you are within 15%, you are doing fine).

    If you adjust fan speeds through a manual speed control, keep a close eye on the temps. Use RealTemp or OCCT, or both.
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  4. Thank you!
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