Motherboard going bad?


I have been getting some strange reading in MSI Afterburner for my 5970. At first, I thought it was a GPU problem but now I am getting the same issue with my 9800GT. The GPU Usage ratings will be extremely erratic and jump from 1-99 during gameplay causing the game to run really slow and get about half the FPS as usual.

Here is a screenshot:

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Also, when I run Furmark the GPU Usage stays at 99, but during gaming and on the desktop it jumps up and down making the game almost unplayable.

What part of my computer is going bad? I know now it's not the graphics card itself. I'm not getting any BSOD or anything like that. The computer will get half the performance in any program that I used to get. I'm lost, please help.

All Power cables are connected, I reseated the card many times and nothing.

Asus P6T Deluxe V2
Radeon 5970(9800GT both exhibit same behavior)
Corsair 850W PSU
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  1. It appears that the PCIe 2 slot doesn't work. I loaded up windows and it started in 800x600 and wouldn't let me up the resolution past 1280x1024. Can't even fit the card in PCIe slot 3.
  2. Can you make that image a little bigger? I can barely see it.


    seriously that's huge!!!!
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