How to overclock wireless router

Tada, Let me welcome myself. My name is Sean and I am a newbie. :bounce:

I have a, hopefully, a simple question:

1. How do I overclock my wireless router
2. What program is the best and easiest for usler friendly.

Here is my router I am getting (currently in the mail)

Here is the current setup and probably going to stay. I have a laptop that is on its last leg. The DVD doesn't work, nor does the wireless in it. So, that laptop with be connected to the router via CAT5e cable. The other laptop which I bought for the wife and children is very nice for $298 from Walmart. It is wireless with a "N" wireless card built in.
So I bought Netgear dual band router. It is a awesome, but I don't have a dual band router. So, I went back to BestBuy and bought a cheap Belkin. When I mean cheap I mean this router has worst range. Worst range than my last Lynksys G with Nimo. I have a 75' house, and I can not pick a signal for my iTouch(2G).

Now that you know my life story, Sorry. So, you know the equipments and the router coming in the mail.

I would appreciate the help. I apologize if the question was asked before. I tried to search but did not come with direct questions.

It would great if you could give me your answers through my email @

Thanks everyone.
I am very excited to learn and do something techno savy.
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  1. You may find someone has re-written the router firmware to improve performance or reliability. Search on that basis.
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