CX600 good PSU for a 6870?

Hello, I'm thinking of getting the CX600 from Corsair since its on sale for $37 with a MIR but I was wondering if it was a good choice for gaming with something like a Radeon 6870. The reason I ask is because in the details the CX series says that those PSU's are for like offices and stuff like that but it just makes me wonder if it's really any difference. Thanks for the help.

Corsair CX600:
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    it is a great choice!The 6870 shouldnt take about 500w at most is 550w so yeah your good.
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  3. Caution here, the CX 430, CX500, and CX600 are built on the same 500 CWT platform.
    It certainly should be strong enough but case temperature could change that.
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