Just got an upgrade on my graphics card (6870)
which i reckon is now being bottle necked by my cpu: AMDx2 6000
Any recommendations on the quad cpu front that's compatible?
I have MIS K9a2 neo-f board
(AMD2 / AMD2+ Socket)
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  1. AM3 processors can go into AM2+ boards, you will likely just need a BIOS update. I was thinking of doing the same thing. I have an AM2+ board and was thinking of getting Phenom 955 BE. You really can't go wrong there, it's $110 on newegg until 5/30 and you can OC at or near 4ghz (if you are able and/or willing to OC) and there's really no reason to get a hex core for gaming.
  2. +1^ to AM3
    $100 Phenom II x4 955BE is the way to go. Make sure your board can support it first by checking the manufacturer's website.
  3. For the price, the 955 and 965 BEs can't be beat. However, your board supports up to the 1100T with a BIOS upgrade so you can pretty much put whatever AMD processor is out right now into it.
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