Which is faster, a 9600 GT or a GT 310?

Hi all,

Recently I came across a GT 310 I have lying around, and after sticking it in my work machine I came up with a question:

Is the GT 310 faster than the 9600 GT? Bearing in mind the 9600 I'm talking about is a 128 bit 1Gb DDR2 version. The Gt 310 is also 128 bit, but it has 512 DDR3 memory. As far as I can tell on paper the GT 310 should be faster. From what I've read though, it's a rebranded GT 210 which isn't known for it's amazing speed.

Regardless, I'm quite interested in which is faster at 1440 x 900 res.

Many thanks!
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  1. GT2XX -> GT3XX is, as far as I know, simply a rebrand for OEMs. Plus you're talking about nVidia's lowest dedicated GPU, something like an HD4670 vs an HD5450. I'd cast my vote with the 9600Gt.
  2. With only 16 cores vs 64 cores I would say the 9600gt owns it.
  3. This thread = Special Olympics of the GPU world.
  4. Hmm, interesting! Great stuff, and very informative. Thanks for your replies all, I'll stick with the 9600 GT!
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