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Hey guys. I just have a quick question since I'm planning on buying a new PSU.

I have a pretty old PSU and need to replace it so I can run a better video card.

My current PSU has a fan in the rear and my case is for a top mounted PSU. (My PSU)

I was wondering if I could buy a power supply like one of these and just flip it upside down since I don't think it would be good if the fan was pointed at the top of my case?

Thanks in advance.
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    Yes... the Corsair 650TX can have the fan facing up or down into the case. It will work just fine either way. It would be recommended to have facing down in a top mounted case with no top vent / fan (guessing by your current PSU, that might be the case :D ).
  2. Can I ask why you need to go from a 300W PSU to a 650W PSU? Additional upgrades? You could save some money by just going with CORSAIR Builder Series CX430 for 1/2 the price.
  3. Yeah, my current case doesn't have any top vents.

    I didn't really plan on buying that one, I just needed an example for what I was talking about.

    Although I'm not upgrading my processor right now, I'll want to sometime in the near future and don't want to have to buy another power supply when I do that.

    That power supply should be enough for a new(er) processor?
  4. Your PSU choice will be good for any new processor and pretty much any single GPU setup. The PSU I listed, would still work for any new processor update on a lower level single card setup or any on-board graphics setup.
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