Please Help, Build Won't Turn On... Is the 20 + 4 missing something?

Okay I really need some expert advice here.

I just built a new system. But when I hit the power switch I am seeing/hearing no response from the CPU.

This is my first build so I am frantically trying to figure out what else might be wrong. All that happens when I hit the power switch is that the led light goes on and off and the case fan starts whirring.

I was wondering if my 20 + 4 wire is missing something. Fifth from the right top row. Should that be a naked connection?

(I don't know why its not converting to an image here... please just go to that link. Seriously its not a virus)
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    The 5th. slot is a "no-pin" on the 24-pin connector. Your connector is fine.

    Make sure the 8-pin CPU power connector is plugged in and all connectors are securely plugged in.
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  3. Thanks... At least I can rule one thing out..

  4. Can't see the image even with the URL. Also, look in your manual or contact the Motherboard manufacture and see what the LED means. Also, what is your Build?
  5. Thank you!

    BTW, the image is fine! (Clean fingernails too!). Details! Details!
  6. GOT IT!!!

    (I think the issue was that my motherboard was screwed on wrong. As in I used screws directly onto motherboard instead of using those headings? I don't know if this was the cause... It might have just been poor wiring. I ended up taking it apart and rebuilding it)
  7. Yes, stand-offs must be used in order to avoid any 'shorting'.
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