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I am currently trying to spec a new desktop system, which will mainly be used for spreadsheet-type work. But some of the spreadsheets are BIG, and I will often need to view several worksheets at once, so figured that a multi-monitor set-up would be ideal.

I see that there are previous threads on this topic, but I am starting a new one as the others are all starting with something, whereas I have a totally empty box, so can choose a motherboard with multiple PCIe slots to support multiple graphics cards, or go for a quad-port graphics card, or anything in between.

So, what do you guys reckon? What's the best set-up? The system will never be used for games or anything 3D, but could there be other reasons to get something with a ton of onboard RAM or anything else fancy?

Thanks for your help

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  1. Personally I would go with a motherboard with one PCI-E slot and buy either a card like the radeon 5670 with two DVI ports and one Displayport for 3 monitors, and any card with 5 displayports for 5 monitors.
  2. ^That. If you're not gaming or working in 3D you don't need a lot of juice for multimonitors. ATI is definitely the way to go to use Eyefinity. Basically like mister g said, just depends how many monitors you want to use but most of the cards have at least 3 monitor support.
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