Need help with choosing a graph card.


I'm going to buy a new pc in january but i dont know witch graph card i should chose. I was thinking of buying a 6870. My screen res is 1280*1024. I know its a low res but i want to play games for a least 4 years, now its overkill but in 2 years it wont be overkill any more. What do you guys think and do you guys have any advice for me.
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  1. personally I think that a HD5770 will be overkill for that resolution and allow you to max out settings for a LONG time, it is also a lot cheaper than the 6870. What other components are you planning to build? and what power supply are you getting?
  2. That really is a large amount of overkill. If you want overkill and a card that should last you a long time at that resolution scale back to a GTX 460 768mb and save $100. Only consider better cards if upgrading the monitor seems likely.
  3. if your upgrading the monitor to higher resolution soon, id say go for a 6850 or gtx460, 6870 is not that much faster. If you plan on stickng with that monitor for 4 years, a 6850/gtx460 will be able to run everything maxxed out at that res. a 5770 or gts450 would even be ok at that res. Maybe let us know your full system specs. You may be able to save a bit on the gfx card and spend it in other areas that may need upgrading too.
  4. Get a hd6850 and OC if need be. (my hd6850 is great, it is a sapphire toxic edition)
  5. Thx all for the answers.
    My next question is which one is better 460 or 6850?
  6. Personally for me i'd go the Nvidia 460 Route. But both are pretty similar in performance i believe.

    All depends on price of where you'd buy this card from (as im from the UK and prices are different from that of the US)
  7. Well... The 460 is a good choice so is the 6850. Personally I'm a bit of an AMD (Since ATI is non-existent now) fanboy. I personally like the 6850. But the 460 is also a good choice. They're basically the same performance. In fact, they are pretty much the same card in a sense.

    The main difference is price. If you were to get a 460 1gb, I recommend an MSI Hawk for 210$ from Newegg, best/lowest temps OC's like a beast, and its a great cooler. For the 6850, the DirectCu is the best out right now, same thing low temps ocer blah blah. 200$.
  8. Read this and following page:,2803-3.html

    And consider this:,2795-15.html

    Here’s where the decision gets dicey: do you want an EVGA GTX460 FTW, a Radeon HD 6870, or a GeForce GTX 470? With a $10 spread between these options, it’s very hard to call a clear winner here. Frankly, any one of these cards is going to provide excellent service. A typical user is never going to regret having chosen one of these options over the other, as performance is practically identical and they all have their own strengths and weaknesses once you move past the average frame rates. The GeForce cards have CUDA and 3D Vision, while the Radeon boards have Eyefinity. Pick the value-adders that're important to you.

    The bottom line is that EVGA’s GTX460 FTW offers something that I’ve never before seen in a card with an extreme factory overclock: excellent performance relative to its price. With GeForce GTX 470-class gaming ability combined with lower power usage, noise, and heat, EVGA’s option truly lives up to it's name and surpasses other GeForce GTX 460 cards for the win.
  9. Isn't the ftw louder then a normal gtx 460. My pc needs to be silent/quiet.
  10. I wouldn't even consider a card like the EVGA FTW. If you want a highly overclocked GTX 460 then buy a GTX 460 with good cooling and overclock it. It's a pointless waste of money to pay someone else to do something as simple as overclocking a video card.
  11. The hd6850 normally beats the gtx460 by about 3fps, and it is a good OCer. I got mine to 900/1100/2.2 core, memory, and volts.
  12. If you think the 6850 is the best choise, which brand should i chose and the same if you chose the 460. It would help me very much.
  13. This is what I think you should get;
    You don't need the 1gb card on that monitor. It has very good and quiet cooling and it is $140 after the promocode, $120 after the rebate.
  14. XFX, Sapphire, ASUS, and MSI are good. I have the Sapphire hd6850 Toxic Edition, and it is great.
  15. Can you guys tell me what the difference is between the 460 en 6850. I saw something about MLAA for the 6850 but does the 460 have it?
  16. gtx 460 1gb is much better than hd 6850 and its even better than hd 6870!
    check this out:
  17. get 1 from evga superclocked and it would be bang for bucks!!!
    only in 180$ with rebate!
  18. I was thinking of buying a gtx 460 hawk, its fast and quiet. The 6850 is also a good card. It's realy hard to chose.
  19. Both are great choices. Don't get superclocked ones, those are marketing schemes. You could OC a DirectCu to those levels for so much cheaper.

    Anyways. The Hawk is a great card, the DirectCu (460 or 6850) is also a great card. It really comes down to pref. Either way you won't go wrong. The 6850 or 460 will max out on your res so their really is no difference.
  20. mrjericho1991 said:
    gtx 460 1gb is much better than hd 6850 and its even better than hd 6870!
    check this out:

    what a load of bulls**t. Why does that review show something completely differetn from what i see here >
  21. ^ Well stock to stock, the 6850 is 5% better than the 460. Also the SLI/CF performance doesn't really matter, because I don't think he's going to do that at his res.
  22. I'm not going to go sli or crossfire. I'm not really an overclocker, i can overclock a card but not much. I want a card that is quiet like the hawk and the directcu, the problem is which card should i chose.
  23. Get the card I linked or the Hawk. They are the best for the money right now. You aren't really going to see a benefit from the $40 extra you would pay for the 1gb card until you upgrade your monitor.
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