PSU Advice and beginner upgrades all help is appreciated!!

Ok to start with I have a gateway 507GR has a Intel Pentium 4 Processor 530. Intel 915G chipset, intel graphics media accelerator 900. 200 GB SATA 7200 rpm hd, 512 mb ddr.

Ok so I am very new to this and what I mentioned above I do not know a lot about that's why all help is appreciated and I'm just trying to not look dumb here.
So let's get started I have not upgraded anything as of yet on it and yea it is a fairly old computer and I'm sure its nowhere near up to date.

First thing I'm pretty sure my psu is dead because I can plug my powercord in and the light indicator below it dosent come on but for a split second if I wiggle it and the fan spins slightly but all goes away and the front button to cut it on does not cut I on I've tried a new powercord I know that's not it. It's been actually acting funny for a couple of weeks by I would cut it on and a black screen would POP up with a lot of writing saying the system has just recovered from a serious something start windows normally or from last best known settings I tried both it would just cut back off then back on and do the same thing for about 10 minutes then finally it would just cut back on.
Does it sound like I need a new psu?

Also as I try to fix that problem id like to do a little upgrading to I do have a budget of 60$ for a psu and to upgrade it. Id like to do at least one hopefully both and get a psu staying in budget I do play some web browser games (runescape) I know lol but the upgrades I'm thinking of are upgrading ram currently 512 mb with a mobo capacity of 2gb. My other option I was looking at was a video card would really like to get both upgrades and psu if possible but the psu is the main objective like to at least get one upgrade the video card slot is pci express 1x16 card.

Any and all help is appreciated the computer is right in front of me so if I missed a vital part of information for your help just let me know and ill get it to you.

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  1. Also the store I will be going to to look around tomorrow is gonna be please someone help this newbie out :)
  2. First you need to measure the PSU in the case
    Factory prebuilt towers dont always use regular ATX form factor PSUs
    I would lean more towards ebay for a stock replacement unit
    I bought one for a customers Dell Inspiron 530 for $25
    that would leave you about $40 dollars or so to get a HD 4650 or 4550 PCIe
    would be a huge improvement

    if you have WIndows XP then 1gb of ram is okay but of course more is better
    I dont know how your ram is setup
    is it 2 x 256
    or 1 x 512 stick

    with a video card, at least 1gb of ram (for XP)
    you would notice a definite improvement over what you have

    but also remember dual core (C2D and Athlon II) towers on US craiglist have dropped to under $200 USD

    something to consider
  3. Ram is currently setup at 2x 256 I really just want a good improvement for my money do you think I can get psu, video card and RAM for just 60$ and if not should I go with more ram or leaving the ram at 512 and getting a video card?
  4. A budget of $60 is not sufficient to upgrade the PSU, video card, and RAM.
    First of all, cheap PSUs from eBay are likely to be garbage. Looking online, it appear to use a standard ATX PSU. Trouble is, the original one is likely to have been crappy, especially if it was Bestec. As old as your system is, capacitors on the motherboard may have failed. Google "bad capacitors" for some images, but if you see bulging or leaking, your mobo is toast.
    Assuming you see no bad caps, you can get a 380W Antec Earthwatts for $40 with free shipping:
    For your uses, a video card will help more than RAM. It only has DDR2, but this HD4650 for $47 will be much faster than your old Intel Graphics Media Decelerator:
    Finally, as little as $30 will get 1GB of DDR RAM:
    You should perform any upgrades in that order. A better use of funds might be to build a new PC, but you'd need to allow at least $500 assuming you need to buy the OS for it too.
  5. Actually you can get the stock OEM replacement from Ebay
    which are good for what they are

    BUT as long as it is a standard ATX formfactor
    then going with the Antec 380w is a GREAT idea

    could always be used with a future build

    the HD 4650 is also a great idea
    there is this one on ebay

    you would be losing the good return policy of Newegg but saving a few bucks by buying
    a used card
    as they say "Buyer Beware"

    so that would be $34 plus $40 for the Antec PSU
    or about $75 would get the PSU and card

    when I am upgrading older systems I will usually buy used or recertified or OEM parts

    makes no sense to dump alot of money into an older tower
  6. Yea well I went to compusa bought a diablotek which is crappy I know but its whatever it is a old computer I did not get a media card but I did get 1g of patriot memory ram my problem is not fixed but the new psu does get the mobo power indicator to come on but still no power so I talked to a guy today he was telling me the mobo I have did come with bad caps because this computer is 5 years old said there was a batch of bad caps so I was inspecting it and 2 of the caps have slight bulging on top and some stuff coming out looks sorta brown or copper colored so I guess the mobo is done this guy is gonna diagnos it tomorrow for free he is gonna give me a estimate on what he will charge me to fix it so yea ill prolly be getting a new mobo or a upgraded used one any ideas on a mobo under 100$?
  7. Not on a Diablotek PSU-shaped object. They aren't designed to power anything more demanding or sensitive to power fluctuations than perhaps a few light bulbs. Sorry to be harsh, but that's how it is. A quality modern PSU has full range active PFC (no little voltage switch) and 80+ certification for efficiency.
    Expect anything by Diablotek to die violently, not necessarily under any kind of load (but 60% is likely to kill it outright), and take other parts with it into the fiery abyss.
  8. Yea I'm probably gonna get a better one was just looking for something cheap to see if it would fix the problem
  9. So I guess psu was never the problem. But now figured out the motherboard is toast so any suggestions on what motherboard and where to get it?
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