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P67 Vs Z68?

Well, I'm a bit sick of issues with my current MSI board, so I am resolved to buying a new board.

Being the impatient dolt I am... I decided I want to get this done soon (Especially because I hate waiting for shipping over the weekend.)

So my question is this: I read that the P67 boards allow for OC'ing, but not onboard graphics. Where as Z68 allows for both...

I don't plan on using my i7's onboard graphics cards (As I have two cards needing loving slots.)
I also plan on OC'ing.

Do I need the Z68? I've seen and been suggested them by a few different sources... But from what I've read, the PCIe slots aren't as good on the Z68 for two GPU's? Can I just save a few dollars and stick with the P67?

I also have 5 SSD's I plan on connecting.... Should I be looking for SATA 6gb/s for each of them?
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  1. Get Z68.

    5 SSD's - whats your use for them?
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    Yes preferably you do need Sata 3 / 6Gbps for an SSD to actually value from the insane cash you pay for it. Unfortunately there are no boards that I have seen with more than 4 Sata 3 / 6Gbps ports.
    Altough I dont see why you need so many SSD.

    The Z68 chipset will support Ivy-Bridge, the next generation Intel CPUs. It has also quite a few bug fixes that were present in P67.
    You can achieve better OC's and the PCI-e 3.0 boards are a nice way to future proof.
    I have not heard of any issues with duel GPU setups on Z68 board. It should actually run abit better on a Z68 as it usually allows for more available PCI-e ports through third party controller add-ons.
  3. Ah perfect thanks!

    Z68 it is.
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