How to make a processor paste

how to make a processor paste
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  1. I suppose you could ask it nicely.
  2. The only thing that I can think of is that you are asking about making thermal compound.

    Do not try.
  3. malik wasi said:
    how to make a processor paste
    Why try to make it? Especially when you can some manufacturers give it away with an aftermarket cpu/gpu coolers, with a retail box motherboard, and especailly when you can buy a decent thermal compound for about $5!
  4. Arctic Silver is only $5 on ebay. I can't imagine you can make it cheaper or that it would work anywhere as close to efficient as Arctic Silver.
  5. LOL - yet another kinda ridiculous thread.. I'm wondering if the OP is related to the guy who started a thread "very old computer working", which set some sort of page record here on THG - 54 pages or something like that. All about whether he should spend $5 on a power cord for his old computer in order to sell it, or not..

    OP: Do not try to use toothpaste as your thermal compound, unless you want to brighten up a dingy yellow IHS :D.
  6. Obviously this is a bit silly given you can buy the stuff from expert producers for so cheap. This is what you should do malik wasi.

    However just out of interest does anyone actually know about the manufacturing process of thermal compounds? There must be some people knowledgeable about chemistry on here. I suspect it's a bit more refined than putting metal oxides and oil in a bowl and giving it a big stir!
  7. ^ Well I wouldn't try it, except maybe on an old CPU I no longer cared about. Or if I underclocked the CPU until I could get some decent thermal paste.

    Thermal paste is formulated to maximize heat conductivity (i.e., low thermal resistance) and to fill in the micro-gaps & voids between the IHS and the cooler base, and I guess not develop voids as it dries out.

    But if you enjoy a fresh, minty smell from your CPU, then I guess toothpaste might do the trick :D.
  8. Vaseline I could understand since it's oil based but why would adding toothpaste to the mix help in any way?
  9. I might as well contribute to this useless thread. I thought the paste was engineered to be highly conductive but be an electrical insulator? I think this is why they can't build a solid copper HSF directly into the CPU, because it can't conduct electricity but needs to transfer heat.

    Also, mine came with a warning that it will kill fish if I put in a pond :(. Then it instructed me to never throw it away. Perfect.
  10. I'm pretty sure they made my paste with as much cancer causing materials they could think of. I definitely washed my hands after installing my HSF!
  11. i know this is a bit off topic, but this post is practically pointless anyway, is it true that solder fumes can reduce sperm count?
  12. My Electronics teacher said solder has lead in it so it's a bad idea to manhandle it (which is my default handling procedure for everything) :(.
  13. bnot said:
    i know this is a bit off topic, but this post is practically pointless anyway, is it true that solder fumes can reduce sperm count?

    That's why I never solder stuff while naked :D.. Or breathing either, for that matter :D.
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