Scrambled video then system lockup followed by BSOD after new install

Hi. I have a Dell Inspiron 531s. After my radeon 4350 died, and I replaced it with a radeon 5570 which I had to replace again because of compatibility issues, I ordered a Radeon 4650 off of newegg. Before that, I had to revert to my onboard geforce 6150 so I uninstalled the drivers that I downloaded for them. I then insert the new card, using a dvi cable. After booting up and installing the latest drivers everything seemed fine. Then when I tried to open up crap cleaner the screen got pixelated, and I couldn't do anything. It then got the BSOD.

I let it reboot, and it lasted a little longer but still ended up getting pixelated and getting a BSOD. I then used the device manager to uninstall the card, and on next reboot let windows do the auto detect device. Still the same problem. I then downloaded driver sweeper in safe mode and removed everything under ATI/NVidia-display boxes. I restarted again and am now using basic windows graphics and uninstalled the ati drivers. I don't know what to try next.

I have seen reports of other people using this 531s with a 250w power supply with the 4650 and reported no problems, so I assumed it would be fine.

Any help? Is it a driver issues, power issue, or card issue? Could dvi or vga connection cause this too?

EDIT: ok since i ran the driver sweeper and removed ati/nvidia, I downloaded an older version of catalyst drivers 10.10, and so far so good. could it have just been a driver issue? its been running fine so far and ive tried running a game and its all been stable so far.
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  1. Welcome to the club, yes we've all had driver issues with different versions of various drivers, just because they are the latest drivers means nothing if a given system does not like them, "if it works don't fix it", maybe the next driver will be more to your system's "liking"...And also you have an OEM system this may or may not limit just how much you might upgrade, so do your self a favour and get some kind of backup like Norton Ghost or some such thing for your primary partition...:)
  2. Yeah, it's been good so far since I used the older 10.10 drivers and the driver sweeper. It may have been the newest 10.12 or just the nvidia/ati conflicting since they werent completely uninstalled I'm guessing.

    Anyway, I've seen it hit 77 c when gaming using the catalyst control center, with the fan @ 50%. Should I be worried about that? It usually hovers around 50 idle and 60-77 gaming.
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