Dell optiplex gx280 tower form upgrade

i want to upgrade my computer, buying a new one is simple out of the question since i only have $170. i have found a video card and a power supply that has all the components for my motherboard and hdd etc.

the video card is a Galaxy GT 430

power supply is 430watt from diablotek

I just need some advice on how this will work out.

2048MB RAM 4x 512MB
Intel P4 3.2Ghz cpu
DVD Drive -dont know much about dvd drives-
i have a pretty big stock heatsink for my cpu i was also wondering if it was possible to overclock the cpu for better gameplay since its only a single core processor.

I'm also looking into buying better thermal paste/greese for my Northbridge heatsink and CPU heatsink for better heat transfer. I dont have a fan for my heatsink either, im also looking into buying a 40mm case fan for that also.

I want a 5.1 sound card since im only using 2 speakers + sub for my system atm.

my screen resolution is 1280x1024 on a 19" screen i believe. non-widescreen.

I'm a light gamer right now, but once i get going on upgrades i want to buy more games.

I do understand the concept of having an old system and the risks of overheating/dying etc.

Thanks for reading, please reply. appreciate it very much :)
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  1. Stay clear of a DiabloTek PSU, they arent reliable and have been known to take stuff down when they go. Oklahoma Wolf at Jonnyguru nearly lost a Brand Power Meter to one. I would go for this instead, the corsair 430 CX will be more reliable and has more power available.
  2. Thanks for the heads up. Didn't know I was in for a PSU that wouldn't work.

    oh, I noticed that the power supply doesn't mention any P4 MB plugs. my MOBO needs one. Do you know of any others that might have one?

    Pretty sure EPS connector is the same thing.

    One more thing, I noticed that none of the Corsair PSUs have this connection I need. Should I just go with a different brand altogether?
  3. The EPS is an 8 pin connector for the CPU power, often it comes in a 4+4 setup so it works with older and newer boards, i cant tell from the pictures if the 430CX has a 4+4 or a single 8pin connector. In that case, the EA380D from Antec might work better, you can tell from the pictures that its got a 20+4 connector and a 4+4 connector for maximum compatibility for a bit more

    I forgot to check last time i was working on a GX280 if they used normal connectors, make sure that the only connections from the PSU to the motherboard are a 20 or 24 pin main connector and a 4 or an 8 pin CPU power connector, if it has more than those you may need to get an older Dell PSU to run it.
  4. Thanks so much for the advice. Now I know what I'm getting. Thanks once again for your time. :)
  5. its the tallest one, pretty sure its called the small tower? but it stands upright, like any other mid-tower case. just opens on a hinge.

    it has a 250watt power supply. standard size for a power supply also, ATX i believe.
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