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I am looking at replacing my Antec Super Lanboy case (yes, I still use this case) with the Antec 1200, and was wondering if there are any recommendations as to which version of the 1200 I should get. The V2 is cheaper, but the v3 has the USB 3.0, the modified drive bay and larger holes for cables / wires to fit through.

Given that the two versions of the 1200 case are pretty much the same, but with minor differences, I have been tempted to go with the V2 as it tends to be cheaper then the V3. If I need a USB 3.0, I could easily use the ones on my motherboard, otherwise a USB 2.0 should be just fine.

While my Super Lanboy was a great case when I first got it (summer 2004), its nearly 7 years old now, and rather small, making it difficult to accomodate all my newer parts and the cable management has become difficult at best. I also have to remove many of the parts whenever I want to clean the dust out of the case. The case is not very upgrade friendly anymore.

Here is my current system:

Antec Super LANBOY
1 120MM Blue LED Cooler Master fan
1 120MM TRI Color LED / TRI Cool Antec fan

550w Antec True Power 2.0 PSU
Asus M4A87TD
AMD Pehnom II 965 Quad Core 3.2 GHz CPU
4GB DDR3 1600 OCZ Memory (2x 2GB sticks)
EVGA 9800GTX+ PCI- Express
Hauppauge TV Card
Seagate Barracuda 1TB
Western Digital 1TB Caviar Black
Samsung 1TB
DVD/ CD RW Drive
LG Blue Ray Drive

Microsoft Wireless Keyboard/ Mouse
Samsung 22 inch Wide Screen LCD Monitor
Windows 7 Home Premium
Logitech Z-640 Speakers

Also have an old Audigy 2 ZS gamer sound card, but I have yet to put it back in, given the lack of space, and my CD / DVD drive has been put in the case but not connected, given the lack of space thanks to to many cables in the way.
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  1. I'd say, get the V3 if only for the front panel USB3 connectors.
  2. I'd go the V3 just for the USB 3 front panel conector but if you can live without that and can get a good discount on the V2 go with it. You should have a look at some other cases too. You might find somthing you like. I've been tossing up between the Antec 902 V3, the Antec 1200 V3 and th Themaltake Chaser MK I
  3. I ended up getting the Antec 1200 V2, since it was on sale and had a mail in rebate.

    Transfered all my stuff to the new case, along with one of my Ante Tri Cool Tri LED fans from the old Super Lanboy. I would rate the case ta a B+ or A-. There are some minor issues, but overall it is a great case.

    Here are the minor downsides I see:

    1. The optional middle fan that goes on one of the HDD bays seems rather pointless, as there is already a fan present. Having 2 fans on one HDD bay seems pointless.

    2. For the optional middle fan, the instruction book shows how to install it, but the screws they provide with the case didn't work, as they were not the right size or shape.

    3. Antec should make the side of the case a slight bit widder behind the motherboard. The way it is now, you have to be very careful about how the wires and cables are configured if you run it behind the motherboard, otherwise it causes the side panel to bulge a little or in some cases prevents you from putting it on.

    4. Cleaning the front fans or air filters requires that you open the case, unscrew the HDD bays and remove them from the case. It may also be necessary to remove the drives or disassemble the HDD bay to properly clean the fan.

    5. Upside down power supply seems a bit odd, but I am ok with it, as long as it doesn't negatively affect the PSU. Antec doesn't seem to think there is any issue, so I should be ok.
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