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Brand New EVGA GTS 450 SC Artifacting slightly.

Hi Guys. I received my EVGA GTS 450 today.

After installing it the PC booted fine, I loaded the drivers (260.99) an when I rebooted the PC,
There was a tiny artifact on the XP Boot Screen.

My question is, should I worry about this?

The card doesn't artifact at all during 3D Intensive games, just on that boot screen.

Oh, and it also only appears about 3 seconds after the boot screen has appeared.
It's always in exactly the same place, and it doesn't bother me as long as it's not terminal.

I've provided a picture of what the artifact looks like.

And yes, I am going to be upgrading to Win7 once I've gotten round to backing up my data. :)

Thanks. :hello:
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    If you just got it, and you are recieving some artifacting even before you get into windows, ya, I'd recommend exchanging it. There obviously is some sort of issue.
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