Asus xonar ds 7.1-system hangs

been out and brought THIS CARD as the onboard audio on my MB stopped working. installation went fine, all seemed great i had sound. then after a mandatory reboot nothing on my pc works. i.e i try to start a program like Iexplorer pc loads for a second then stops and nothing appears, but if i check the processes in task manager it will say that Iexplorer is open and this goes for all programs on my pc, Nothing works. suggestions to what is going wrong or what could fix this problem would be appreciated more than anything in the world ( as i have picked up the witcher 2 today and im eager to play it.
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  1. Try this:
    Take out the card, clear the CMOS by removing the battery on the mobo for a while
    See if the PC works without it.

    Remove all the Xonar drivers, shut down then install the card and the latest drivers from the Asus site.
  2. Cheers for the suggestion but I decided to go with the fresh install windows option and seems to work fine now
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