ASUS GTX460 : ASUS GamerOSD crashes other applications

I have an ASUS GTX460 and after the installation of drivers and utilities (GamerOSD) a lot of applications just started to crash ( as example: yahoo messenger, StarCraft etc..).

After a little bit of investigation I uninstalled the GamerOSD tool that is coming with the card and the other applications started to work.

What is wrong with GamerOSD, did you guys see these kind of errors ? I took the last version from Asus website but the scenario is the same.

Other info:
OS: Win7-x64, Motherboard Asus P6X

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  1. I had GamerOSD installed with my 470's. I then proceeded to play Crysis and was getting about 10-20 FPS. After trying a few things, patches and drivers, I finally uninstalled GamerOSD and my FPS jumped to 50+.

    I don't know what's wrong with it, other than it has problems.
  2. I don't know about GamerOSD but I had a similar experience with MSI Afterburner.
    As soon as i Installed it,I got a significant FPS drop.I had to un-install it in order to get my FPS back to normal.I never knew what was wrong,I did a search and found out some people experiencing the same issue but never found the cause of it.
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