Trouble with Triple Monitor install/setup

I need to drive a three display system for a A/V system my church has: One for operator, one for the audience, and one for the stage. A while back I asked about a second video card on EggXpert forums to supplement a PCI x-16 card ATI 3650 (here) I had already purchased. On the advice on one of the members, I purchased a PCI ATI 4350 card (here).The machine I have is an HP Pavilion p6120f.

When I first installed the PCI card, and my computer suddenly didn't recognize either card. It was using a generic non-PnP VGA driver to display the GUI. I tried installing the driver that came with the 4350 and it didn't work.I wend to the device manager (DM) and couldn't see ANY display adapters.

I removed the 4350 and the 3650 began working again and the computer saw the second display. It also showed up on the DM. I reinstalled the 4350 (both installed) to see if it might have "fixed itself", but no and again with the generic VGA driver. I removed the 3650 this time, and the computer saw the 4350 and its second display, and it was listed on the DM.

It's highly likely that its something driver related, but I've never set up a multimon setup for more than two monitors and I'm flying a little blind here. I've already downloaded the latest drivers from AMD.

I found that the cards work excellent independently installed (when the other card is not present), but when they are both installed at the same time, the computer 1) doesn't see them in the Dev Mgr, 2) doesn't detect the ATI driver (I get a dialog box right after boot telling me this), 3) Catalyst will not see either card when you go to the control center to try and manipulate them, and 4) uses a generic nonPnP VGA driver which displays everything at 800x600.

In short, both cards work by themselves, but won't play nice together. The same driver works on both cards. But I can't get it to work at the same time, which (to get the displays working) I need to happen. I'm curious what I might be doing wrong, or if I need to maybe get a different card to complement the 3650, or rather upgrade the 3650 with something from the 4350 series. However, the application is not at all graphics intensive, and I'd like to get the triple display system working with the hardware I already have if possible.
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  1. Just a follow up: I did an in-place upgrade to Windows 7 HP x64 after hearing that Vista doesn't support multiple video card drivers, and that might be the issue. However, I am still having the same behavior.

    I've download the latest drivers from AMD (both cards use the same Catalyst installer package). but Windows simply refuse to detect either video card when both are installed simultaneously. It detects (and uses the correct driver) for either card when installed on its own, but using both causes windows to use Generic UPnp VGA driver.

    I could use suggestions or even the crazy idea, I'm getting frustrated with something that doesn't seem should be this difficult.
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