Problems with oblivion

Im currently running a mixed gpu crossfire between a 5850 and a 5870 with 8gb ddr3 and the thuban AMD 6 core at 4ghz

i know that oblivion is notorious for optimization problems, and scaling in the game is terrible for xfire and sli but i gotta say somethin aint right

im getting about 30 frames in the imperial city and i know i should be getting way better, also the second card is showing 0% use during gameplay
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  1. Is CrossFire enabled ? if so,then rename the game to Mafia2.exe or 3DMark06.exe and see if it helps.
  2. crossfire is enabled because it worked in every other game, changed name did nothing
  3. hmm,if it works with every other game,then there is a problem with Oblivion.
    Is V-sync enabled ?
  4. yeah vsync is enabled, i think its just the oblivion gamebryo engine, horrible graphics optimization
  5. Disabling V-sync may help.
    But definitely have a look at the guide that Mactronix posted.
  6. well i ran oblivion easily maxed with a 8800GTX in the old days.

    have you tried to disable CFX when playing oblivion?
  7. Oddly enough back in the days when oblivion was new, crssofire scaling was 100%, haven't played it for a while though so it must have been broken.
  8. Did you update the game??? any mods ? Also i only get 30fps in the imperial city at best and I am running 4890's in CF i think it is more of a game issue if i leave the city i get 60fps.
  9. my second card doesnt work while in crossfire while running oblivion, its completely skipping the second card, so i get the same performance with and without CF, ive looked at the guide before but the options it provides only eliminate subtle features in the game, im sure that my system could take a dump on this game with my setup so im almost just giving up till skyrim
  10. i maxed out my graphics in catalyst (AA and such) and now im getting a solid 60 everywhere
  11. Crossfire does appear to be broken, not much you can do really.

    Somewhere along the line it has been messed with, don't know when but it has.
  12. Oblivion is nearly 5 years old, I doubt it supports crossfire at all

    I was getting 40ish frames on it myself with my old 5850. I think it favors Nvidia cards. My 570 GTX maxes it out no problem, almost always 60 fps on a 1920 x 1080 monitor, improved textures, most settings maxed and forced 32AA & 16 AF
  13. I'm having the same issues with oblivion on my 2gb 5870. It's rock-solid everywhere but in town. I am using Better Cities w/ all of them Open that can be, so i know that is gonna take the fps down. But i was expecting MUCH better results from my 5870. CG-Gamer if you don't mind explaining in detail what you did in CCC I would like to try it as well.
  14. setting processor affinity to 2 cores can help, Oblivion can get stuttering and poor framerate with multi-core cpu's.
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