Broken CPU Pin - Warranty?

I bought an ASRock Z68 motherboard a couple of weeks ago, but the A2 and B2 dimm slots never functioned. I returned the motherboard to Newegg, but they denied my return indicating that one CPU pin is broken and another is bent. This is surprising to me because I was very careful, but I guess I should have inspected the motherboard for damage more closely upon opening it and before returning it. Newegg recommended contacting ASRock and trying to having it covered under manufacturer warranty, but this seems like a longshot. Do you have any suggestions for me?

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    Shame on Newegg for not doing the return for you. They're usually so good about these kinds of things. Most retailers have a good relationship with manufactures and can just send the product back to them for a refund. Too bad Walmart doesn't sell high end computer components!

    If the retailer can't send it back, they normally attempt to resell the item as an "open box" item. At least Newegg isn't unethical enough to sell a known malfunctioning product.

    ASRock are the only ones that can repair or replace your motherboard. The only problem you have now is unless you speak Mandarin Chinese you're going to have a bumpy customer service experience with ASRock. Good luck my English speaking friend!
  2. Thanks for the quick reply. I guess my next step is to eat at a Chinese restaurant tonight and see if I can enlist the waiter/waitress to assist me with my return.
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