Curious about GPU for upcoming BF3 <Noob builder

Core i7 CPU 920
DDR3 6gb Corsair Dominator
500 GB 7200 rpm (going to upgrade to Black Cavair in few months)
ATI Radeon HD 4870HD 1gb DDR5
Windows 7 Ultimate
Motherboard: Asus x58
950 Watts PSU (Gaming Edition)

So...only thing I'm worried about is my graphic card...

should it be able to run smoothly on BF3 on max settings? or is there any other card that is better suited to play games like BF3?

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  1. HD 4870 probably won't run BF3 at max smoothly. If you can afford it, I'd go for the GTX 560, or the AMD 6950, if you prefer AMD. I'd also wait 'till the Sandy Bridge processors come out again, because the LGA 1156 socket is now dead. Also, which brand power supply are you using, and which specific model?
  2. Im more of Nivida fanboy but had to use ATI to see how it is...I like both of them. But Im leaning more toward Nivida for next upgrade. Anyways...

    or I can find better ones? What specs in card that i should look out for?
  3. First thing what is the exact model of your psu, eg. 950tx corsair

    second, yes a 4870 won't cut it for BF3 at max but the rest of your system is great, I recommend buying a gtx 570 but the msi one due to the improved cooler another important thing is res what's yours? eg. 1920x1200

    third, if you do upgrade HDD go for the samsung spinpoint f3 1tb it's as fast as the WD and cheaper
  4. 1)this is my current PSU

    2)My reso is 1920x1080 on 25" widescreen

    3) I will look into that, Im couldnt decide on whether to purchase faster regular HDD or SDD. I plan not to worry about that area for while though. Plenty of time to research.
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    Your PSU will support any vid card at your res I would recommend a gtx 570, it will play BF3 at max pretty easily if you're into overclocking you can probably bump this card up a fair bit, into the performance range of a 580 using msi afterburner, but even at stock you will get max settings at every game.

    3- just get an SSD, but wait for the vertex 3, the c400 and the new corsair drives to be released
  6. alright, thanks for the help man
  7. you're welcome (if you like my answer select me as best answer)
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