Resetting CMOS does not work...

This morning I was tinkering around with some BIOS settings (not a good idea if you're 70% aware of what you're doing). After hitting f10 to save and exit, my computer immediately shut down, then tried re-booting itself. My video card did not pick up a signal. I tried resetting the CMOS with the jumper. Nothing happened. I tried taking out the motherboard battery for 5 minutes, nothing was fixed. I'm going to take out the mobo battery for 1 hour and see if anything happens there.

I took out the manual for my motherboard and looked up the LED errors because I noticed that 2 LEDs were out. The manual states that if they are off, there is an "Abnormal: CPU/Chipset" error.

I'm still getting a blank screen. My monitor isn't recognizing the computer signal and just sits at a black screen. Thanks for your help.

Here are my specs:
Windows 7 64 bit home premium
Biostar TX5E CFX-SLI Motherboard
i3 540 Clarksdale
2 x 2gb Corsair RAM (1333mhz)
2TB Wester Digital SATA
HIS Radeon 4760 HD
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  1. When you reset the CMOS:
    1) Unplug the power when you set the jumper. Not doing so, could damage your motherboard.
    2) Set the jumper and leave it a good 10-20 seconds on
    3) Set the jumper back to normal (or remove it altogether)
    4) Plug power back on and turn the PC on

    Also, try removing some of the RAM sticks, or resitting them in the slots.
    And finally, remove all unnecessary PCI devices from their slots and only plug in your VGA (if you have a dedicated one), make sure it sits tight in the slot and it gets enough power (if it needs extra power from PSU)
  2. Tried it, and nothing. Tried taking out the battery, ram, video card, cmos to pins 2&3, and letting it sit for a good 15 minutes, but nothing happened. Going to take out wireless card and soundcard as well for a couple minutes and unplug it from the wall
  3. Leaving the mains lead connected to the power supply even though the computer is turned off can then destroy the motherboard if you try to reset the CMOS memory with the link on the motherboard. Whats more the CMOS memory will not have been reset and removing the battery will have no effect. I hope that you have been lucky but if not its time for a new motherboard.
  4. My very first step was unplugging the computer, moving the cmos pins to 2&3 for 10 seconds, then moving it back to pins 1&2. I then plugged in the power supply and turned it on, and nothing happened.
  5. Try starting the rig without the CMOS battery in the Mobo. That sometimes works.
    Then don't change anything in the BIOS just save and exit. Shutdown.
    Put the battery in and start it up again.
    See if you manage to reach the defaults in the BIOS after this.
  6. Thanks for the insight alyoshka, but no avail.
  7. OK.... Now I don't know if you removed the CPU or not.... But, give it a try, reseat it and have nothing else in the rig just a single stick of RAM, no hdd, no gpu, no nothing.... first try just CPU and Mobo, then try CPU Mobo and RAM, then insert GPU if it worked till the last step, and then give it a try.
    HDD's come in last.
  8. Now, the Biostar tx5e doesn't support 3 sticks of RAM. I used to have 3 sticks of identical ram in it, being 2 gigs each. I've had some very MINOR issues with that combination of sticks in there, so I decided to take out a stick (I never surpassed 4gigs of use anyway) and everything ran fine.

    That being said, obviously "1" is an odd number, and my motherboard seems to not like odd numbers of RAM. Should I still go ahead and give that a try?
  9. Yes.
  10. Okay, I'll try that tomorrow. Let me pick your brain one more time. Referring to pjmelect's comment, you don't think the mobo is fried? Heck, I even switched the CMOS from 2&3 over to 1&2 while the system was running.
  11. I really can't say whether it's fried or not, but, this may be just luck or call it what ever you want, I've switched components in and out of the rig while it has been on and fully functional.... and that's a lot of stuff, HDD's, ODDs, GPU's SLI setups, CF setups, Single, Dual and triple VGA setups, hells even RAMs... but it never fried the mobo, the CMOS battery was the first to be removed with a rig running though and it never happened. Shorting jumpers etc etc everything when the rigs have been on, that's usually my first instinct. BUT IT"S NOT THE RIGHT WAY. When they write so much about it, it's got to be true. Like the ESD thing.... never troubled me.... but paranoia does set in as the prices go up.... :)
    The worst that I have had every time I did some messing around with a powered on rig was it went off. That's all.....
  12. You mentioned that you did some "changes" in the BIOS settings and it all worked before you click on Save & Exit. Perhaps you overvolted either your RAM sticks or the CPU and one of them (or both) is dead. That would explain why the system does not recover.
    Do you remember what settings you changed?
  13. Yes. Vcore was changed from "auto" to 1.264v. The CPU bclk was changed from 133 to 143. No other settings were changed, though.
  14. Bump for more ideas
  15. I'll "Bump" you with more ideas after you try out the 1 stick at a time.....tomorrow.
  16. Just reseated the CPU, secured the coolermaster hyper tx3 on top of it, plugged it into the wall with no mouse, no DVI cable, no keyboard, no sound, or anything. Just CPU & Motherboard like you mentioned, and I still got the same result.

    The computer turns on for 5 seconds, shuts down, then turns itself back on until I turn it off myself. The two LEDs are still off, indicating the abnormal cpu/chipset error.

    I then tried sticking one piece of RAM in at a time, and the machine was yielding the same results. No avail.
  17. bumparoo
  18. Got another Mobo and a spare CPU? if yes you can try them out, check if this processor has gone blink, or check if the Mobo has gone, blink....
    If you don't have anything to test these 2 on, then I suggest either get to a store that will test these for you or RMA one at a time.
  19. Will do, thanks for all the help!
  20. Bulooka said:
    Bump for more ideas

    Bulooka said:

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