Acer Is my CPU or PSU dead?

To START this off as soon as i plug my power cord pc starts!! (wird right lol) -

Steps i have taken

Pulled Ram , No beeps
Pulled hd No beeps
Pulled battery - fix the turning on as soon as i plugged the power cord up!!

Every time my CPU fan spins and all the others but i have notice when doing all this sometimes my Graphics card fan will come on and sometimes it wont. wird right ??

i have did this 10 times checking every little thing but nothing! last night after i hit on the power supply a little bit it finnaly came on i then installed windows 7 onto the new hd then sc2 i played for 20 mins and went to sleep woke up pc was on stand by shake the mouse nothing! JESUS (@@#*()#*)(@*#)(*@) i then retry doing it like i did last night with no luck i pulled the PSU out clean it put it back in got it to do a beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep reatarted then nothing no beeps nothing just the cpu and the fans spinning i give up!!.

Any help ill post the spec in a bit im in the middle of a moving prossess lol
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  1. PSU, in my opinion, is the problem.
    It's not continuously or entirely giving power to the components.

    Have it checked.

  2. well if this helps others make my mind up on what to do my pc is a
    Acer Aspire M3201-U3791A - Athlon X2 4850e 2.5 GHZ

    im using a old power supply from my old gaming pc its a atx 12v Power M# is rx 450k , Ky550 atx
  3. Well, you can get a Corsair's or Thermaltake's LitePower 400-500W.

    If you have a friend or a family member who has a computer having PSU of about 400W or above it, Put that PSU in your computer to check it really is your PSU's problem, which it looks by the way. Because I had a similar situation a couple of months ago and it was the PSU.
  4. if it is CPU, your pc won't have even started.
    Whatever it is, it is related to hardware. Try changing RAMs, some faulty RAMs may cause problems, maybe it can be motherboard or PSU too. I would suggest you to show it to a good IT mechanic
  5. Thanks mfarrukh im short on cash right will have to wait till monday im post on fb see if anyone got a extra psu to ati dud i have put together all my pc's but this one im almost 100% sure its not the Mobo due to the fact it did come on after a bit of screwing with it
    and the power supply rear fan doesn't run inless i hit it lol
  6. Good Luck with your new Processor.
    Also, you might wanna overclock it to squeeze out the maximum of it.

  7. It is definately your PSU. Remember that PSUs will degrade over time, and your story is the classic example of what happens when the PSU can no longer provide enough power to support your computer. Just get another PSU like everyone else has suggested.
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