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ok, sorry if there is a similar post already buy i could not see any, and im sorry if it is posted in the wrong section.

so, i found i wanted to use my computer through my 32" samsung TV i have in my room, so i plugged it in with, well im not a huge geek when it comes to electronics so i don't really know what cable it is, all i know is that it is not a HDMI cable or those color "white, red and yellow" ones, actually, i think this cable was used in a blue slot, if that means anything.

i can't get higher resolution on the TV than 1360x768, while the computer says that my TV can do 1920x1080. i don't have any HDMI outputs on my computer's graphic card, only 2 white slots that looks completely different from a HDMI, but i do have some extra outputs that came with my motherboard which looks like 2 HDMI slots, only, it doesn't seem to fit right, theres some metal in the way on the HDMI cable for it to fit.

any ideas?
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  1. Instead of trying to describe like hell, you could give the model designation of your gfx card. That would help better for people to understand the video ports on the gfx card.

    By the way, white-red-yellow RCA jacks mean left-right sound and composite video signal.
  2. Is your TV 1080P or 720P? 1366 x 768 is max on 720P TV!
    You can not use motherboard slots for HDMI since you have a discrete GPU. You can get a DVI to HDMI adapter and install on the DVI slot (white) on your GPU http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16812119275&cm_re=dvi_to_hdmi-_-12-119-275-_-Product
  3. i just got the answer from another tech site, apparently i use VGA cable which does not support higher resolution, and i need a HDMI to DVI to be able to get the best one.
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