Hey guys please help me. its EVGA Classified!

i got a EVGA x58 Classified e760!
and im using a cooler master GX 750 PSU.

my mobo is not giving any display. all the fans and led's are working but wont give display.(near the memory slot, blue led, green led, yellow led)
and the LED bug display also wont show any display.

what is the problem of this.
is it the PSU.? it give's max 900W but it got only one 4+4 cpu pin.

and im using a evga 560

please help.
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  1. Is your monitor plugged into the motherboard itself? It should be attached to the graphics card.
  2. I didn't know the Classified Series of Mobo's had an onboard VGA output......

    Is the GPU power plugged in?
    Actually you need both, the 8+8 Pin ATX CPU Power (on the Mobo) and the 6+6 Pin PCIe Power (On The GPU , EVGA 560) connected.

    Also make sure that the PCIe Slot you have put it in is physically 'ON' using the jumpers in the ECP Module if you have that.
  3. no no i mean my monitor dont get any signal from my vga card.
    i check my processor, rams, vga card. there is nothing wrong with them.
    yeah fro the gpu both 6 pins are pluged.

    and i have ECP Module. can tell more about that. four jumpers are pluged on the same side.
  4. Well, are they ON or OFF..... which PCIe Slot have you put the card in.... that should be On....
  5. I mean that particular jumper should be enabled.
  6. https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-UfMzsxxpJBk/TyQtiaR5L1I/AAAAAAAAANs/P4IvQUO6nRk/w153/ng.jpg

    there r pluged as these. still i get the problem. what about my power supply?
    is it enough?
  7. 750W is more than enough for a single 560 and that board.
    And you need to post a bigger picture.... I can't read a thing there.... they look all off to me and not "ON", the jumpers, I mean.
  8. What's the brand on the PSU? Not many 750s will fail at that level, but there are some out there.
  9. it coolermaster GX-750.

    and why is that debug led display wont show any thing.
  10. Switch all the jumpers to the other side, 'cos I really can't see what written on the mobo in this new pic, although it big, but the angle is bad , what is printed on the mobo at the end of those jumpers is not visible.
    See the Pic I posted as an example.....
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