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Check signal cable! Analog

my very old card(7300GS) started to give me problems, so I borrowed a Sapphire HD2600 from a friend till I get my new 460.
I used the 7300 with the vga cable and the monitor (samsung ex1920x) worked fine. After when I inserted the sapphire I connected it to the monitor using the default DVI-D cable provided with the monitor and what I saw is this

the signal changed repeatedly (from analog to digital) without picking neither of them. Then after about 3 secs the monitor went blank and the message "Check Signal Cable, 3 red blue n green squares and the word Analog " was there. I again turned the monitor on and this time I tried to set the signal manually to digital by pressing the "Source" key with no effect.and the message kept going all over the screen.

I need help.
and Thanks in Advance!
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    Your monitor may not accept digital input. Please note DVI can also be analog.

    You can get a DVI-to-VGA adapter and continue using your previous setup. Your monitor will be happy, you will be happy.

    Also note that your new 460 may not work with your motherboard if it is as old as your gfx card.
  2. hm an adapter, a good suggestion, should try that out.will have to wait till shops are reopen(closed for X'mas,actually I myself is preparing to go to the midnight mass now)sorry I forgot to tell you, the PC I installed the HD2600 is an i5-760+P55 thing.I'll put the 460 to that. now I'm using my old P4 with onboard graphics[:-(].

    The thing is the monitor is also new. About 2 months old. Maybe Samsung mistakenly added an Digital DVI cable. It has 1 flat large pin(horizontal) and 2 blocks of 3x3 small pins.

    "Signal Input Video Signal Analog RGB, DVI
    Sync. Signal Separate H/V, Composite, SOG
    Connector 15pin D-SUB, DVI-D"

    this is what was on the Samsung site for my monitor. Can you suggest more? because at the moment am unable to get my hands on an adapter.

    Thanks and Merry Christmas !!!!!
  3. Specs for his monitor:

    1366x768 resolution... that GTX 460 is going to blow away any games you play, as it can handle much higher screen resolutions. Assuming of course the rest of your PC is capable of supplying the GTX 460 with enough data. :)

    Many times video cards come with a DVI to VGA adaptor. Look in the box for your GTX 460 and see if it does. :)

    Merry Christmas!
  4. yes thanks, I checked at the EVGA site and the card comes with a DVI-to-VGA adapter. It'll take some time for the card to reach me :)

    The most interesting thing is one of my friends(the same monitor as mine) has successfully connected his using the DVI-D cable he got.
    could be I got a faulty cable. Will have to figure that out too.Will simply get his cable and try. If not I'll ask for a replacement from the vendor.

    Yes I have an i5-760(stock 2.8GHz) and 4GB of DDR3 1333.Hope that'll do for the card. :)
  5. P55 motherboard should be fine for your gfx card. Pls check MS for updates/hotfixes to Intel 5 series chipset.
  6. Thanks for the links. Got them marked. The thing is to bring my new machine to life the cable will have to work. :( .It doesn't come with any onboard stuff( Intel DP55WB) . So the only way to reach the monitor is through the VGA via that cable for good or bad. :( .
  7. Found the problem, the cable works, something's wrong with the VGA my friend gave me, must be damaged en route.I checked it on a couple of other machines.Same result

    Thanks for every word of assistance!

    Wish all of you a Happy New Year!!!
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