So I am trying to get Ready for Battlefield 3 + Mass Effect 3 + Skyrim. I have around $300 to spend to upgrade the computer I have right now. (Sorry if this post does not belong here, I don't know where else I could put it. I asked some guy in the Video Game forum, and he said that I had to completely build a new system.)

My current specs:

-HP 6460t


-Nvidia Geforce 8500 GT

-Intel Core 2 Duo E4600 @ 2.4Ghz

-19 inch monitor 1440x900 Resolution

-I'll check my Power supply in the morning. Too tired to open up the computer right now.

I know that I will definitely have to upgrade the graphics card, and I was thinking that I would increase the RAM to 6 GB.
My budget is 300$. Anyone have any suggestions on what graphics card I should buy to get the most performance for this amount of money? Also, I don't know my power supply, but I was wondering whether or not I would have to buy a new one to use a better graphics card. Additionally, I was wondering if my CPU would cause a bottleneck for those three games, or if it will be enough for them. Is there any way I could overclock the CPU? I've never done it before, but I'm sure I could learn it quick. I heard that HP computers can not be overclocked though.

I don't need my games maxed out in Ultra settings with 10000000X AA, but I'd be more than satisfied with the three above games in high settings with stable FPS in the 1440x900 resolution. Having erratic and low FPS drives me insane.

Also, I don't really care about my computer being future proof. I will probably stop gaming for a while after I am done with those three.

Please help. Thanks
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  1. Not knowing your PSU spec it is hard to recommend but anything more powerful than GTS450 or HD5770 is going to be held substantially back by your CPU. Both cards are powerful for your resolution.
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