3 monitors - onboard Nvidia enable with pcie ?

I have a E-machine PC (AMD processor) with an onboard Nvidia GeoForce 6100 built into the mother board.

I also have a ASUS ATI 5670 PCI E card which has one dvi + one vga + hdmi port.

I want to hook up 3 LCD monitors: 24" and 2 20".

Is is possible for me to hook up 2 monitors to the ASUS card and hookup the 3rd to the onboard video card ?

I tried this with the ASUS card already installed and I get no picture from the onboard video card.

I'm assuming it's disabled or drivers are missing?

Under Device Manager: It only shows the ASUS ATI PCIE card.

So, is there anyway I can enable BOTH cards to work at the same time ?

IF not, Can I buy a cheap video card for the 3rd monitor? Does this card also have to ATI or any mfg card will work together ?
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  1. Just thought of this....

    Since my ASUS ATI card has 3 slots: DVI, VGA, HDMI

    Can I just hookup the 3rd monitor via HDMI port ? The monitor only accepts VGA...but I can buy a HDMI to VGA adapter ... will this work ?

    I want all 3 monitors to display a different things....so none of them can be duplicate of another monitor.
  2. help

    can i add a 2nd pci card ?
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