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Best motherboard for cpu q6700

I have the ASUS P5K Premium/WiFi-AP Motherboard, bought the same time chip

I would like to update the motherboard with something with the latest features. I just want to really have a nice backup and because of the lame 8 GIG memory limits on the present motherboard, I have XP Pro Sp3 loaded on the tower. I use it presently for storage and keeping my Movies backed up. The 1200 watt PS feeds 18 Harddrives loaded with most of my movie collection but as you know each year brings more TV seasons and Movie backups. I would be open to buying any brand name Motherboard, I am not limited to Asus.
Thanks to everyone for reading and offering any ideas.
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  1. You're going to find it impossible to find an LGA 775 MB with all the latest features. You have to update your cpu to a current model at the same time.
  2. Thanks for the reply.....I just wanted or needed advice as to which board is more up to date. Erra "How about if you just wanted to update the board with the best on the market for that chip?" I did not expect it to slice and dice fries...Does anyone have a board they could tell me about? I have spent alot of time looking and reading but here are alot of folks that might of had the same problem and could offer just the right ticket! or Motherboard. LOL
    Thanks again
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    Well, there's not much to choose from anymore, but here's a good board:
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  5. abekl said:
    Well, there's not much to choose from anymore, but here's a good board:

    I want to thank you for the time to help a Noob to the forum. The board you pointed out is just wonderful for Video storage. My present board due to the lack of memory (4 GiG) has a hard time loading 18 hard drives; it hangs and is so slow to list the directories and movie names. The Board you pointed out has space for 16 GiG!!!!! I ordered it first thing. Your a credit to this site and very helpful; it is people like you that make a site great!

    Thank you once again for your wonderful help!!!
    Snowprinces :bounce:
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