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I'm currently having a very hard time getting Windows 7 onto my Dad's computer. I have already loaded Windows 7 Pro x86 onto two separate computers and have had no problem. But with his computer we're having worlds of problems.

The versions I have tried:
Win 7 Ultimate x64
Win 7 Pro x64
Win 7 Pro x86

(The Pro's I get from my MSDNAA account and the Ultimate from a relative who has access to all the versions for his Mom who runs a computer lab).

The problem occurs on all three versions.

We format the drive to do a clean install and let it unpack itself and install. It reboots at this point as it says it will and once it boots back up it Updates the system registry and then begins to install devices (drivers I presume?). It churns through that until 51%-56% it will stop at some point in there for about 30 seconds and then the screen goes blank as the computer has restarted. It then tries to continue with the install but a pop-up says the computer was shutdown improperly during install and to restart the computer. If I do that it continues in this loop until we boot from disc and try to do a clean install all over again.

My guess would be a hardware problem, but I would think it would work fine with the 32bit atleast (previously the computer had XP Media Center 32bit installed and there weren't any issues).

Current hardware:
P: AMD Athlon 64x2

It has 4 Gigs of RAM and a SATA DVD-Drive and a SATA 500Gig HDD.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. wow thats really odd my best guess would be a hardware issue although im not sure what in paticular try reinstalling windows xp and see how that works out if it runs fine then you can work from there if it doesn't id say its the hard drive. I had a similar problem but with xp i tried installing into a 2nd hard drive and it would do the same thing and it turned out the 2nd hard drive was damaged from a power surge a few months back so try that and or get another HDD and see how that runs you
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    Try changing sata drives to ide compatability mode and see if that helps, failing that try removing 2 gb of ram for the instalation, put it back in afterwards.
  3. wow i didn't even think of switching to ide compatability mode ...dult but i dont see how it would really matter because isn't windows 7 supposes to be ready for all this new stuff jonmor68?
  4. Well the first thing we tried was pulling out 2 sticks of RAM and it worked perfectly and now Windows 7 works perfectly. (Although we haven't put back in the 2 we pulled out, which we may not do, we've had some problems with the 2 that we pulled out before).

    Thanks for the suggestions and the help it was greatly appreciated.
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