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Im in the process of getting a list of components for a personal workstation that i will be using to run solidworks and mastercam for my shop. but id also like to be able to use the computer for recrational gaming after hours.

I was looking into a the Asus p6t7 ws motherboard and to me it sounds like i could combine a GTX card and a quadro card? is it possible to do that? use the quadro for my cad/cam and a gtx for other apps?

Ive never messed with a dual card setup before.

any ideas would be great

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  1. No, the GTX 570 and Quadro will not combine in SLI setup. You must have two matching video cards (i.e. 2 x GTX 570, or 2 x GTX 470, etc). The Quadro and GeForce cards are not compatible with one another (to work TOGETHER).

    Now, you may be able to use the Quadro as a PhysX card. But I'm not familiar with the Quadro cards personally, so I don't know for sure.

    The Quadro line of cards were not intended for gaming. Nor were the GeForce cards necessarily designed/optimized for what the Quadro cards are used for.

    To me, this motherboard you're looking at sounds like a huge waste of money if you're going to use it for gaming purposes. There's absolutely no need for "true" 4 way SLI (i.e. four 16x PCI-E slots).
  2. The setup would be used mostly for me cadcam software. so i would want it to be aimed toward that type of work. as far as gaming goes, i was just going to use the same computer for after hours relaxing.

    Maybey i misunderstood what the Asus site is saying, it was saying you could use the cuda software if you had more than one card. and it said at least one need to be a quadro?

    what im mainly looking for is the best performance in 3d work. and a little gaming would just be a bonus.
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