Full performance Gigabit Netowork settings?

I have read online many times that there are certain setting optimizations that have to be done to maximize your experience with a full gigabit network, something along the lines of enabling jumbo frames and such. does anyone know what is the recommended list of settings to change to maximize the performance of a gigabit network?

and yes all my hardware is taken care of, gigabit router, gigabit NICs in all my PC's, and Cat5e cables.
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  1. Set everything 1000/full.

    Jumbo Frames has had a lot of concerns in how it operates. Last I knew it was recommended to not turn this on unless all your traffic was local. This has shown in the past to cause issues when going out the WAN. The router is stuck dicing up the frames and it will cause a slow down.

    But turn it on and do your own testing and see what works for you. For testing at the WAN level you can do a ping test and set your packet size to see at what point your router is hacking the packet up.
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