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I have a PC with a MSI Radeon HD 6870, AMD Phenom II x4 955 Black Edition, ASRock Extreme3 mobo, 6gb DDR3 RAM, and I'm using a 32in Vizio HDTV for my monitor. I have the Catalyst software, Afterburner and this OC Tuner thing installed. I have Windows 7 64bit OS.

I am wondering what the best configuration for these softwares are, and any other tips are welcome. I also have installed the most recent AMD drivers for my card(10.
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  1. Configurations, ehm? You dont need to configure anything if your not for specific results. If ur just for the computing power for games/video/animation, you do not have to configure anything.

    If you mean configuration as in overclocking, use oc tuner and ask uncle google.
  2. ack MSI.... and Assrock.... eeewwww

    no config needed?
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