Really annoying noise from Radeon HD4650!

I have REALLY ANNOYING problem with my graphics card. It is MSI Radeon HD4650 that came with my HP Pavilion p6044sc-computer. I got this computer almost two years ago and this problem started half years ago. It is really loud and annoying. I cant even listen music, play games or watch videos/movies! I havent done anything changes to the graphic card, exept cleaned it several times because the noise, without any success. And I have no money for new graphics card, because I bought an Xbox 360.. :D But, yeah. Here is a recording of the noise in this link: Please make sure you have VLC Player or else software that can play AMR-files. I recorded this with phone and was lazy so I didn't convert it. :D
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  1. I did not listen to your recording, but does it sound like fan noice you are hearing?
    Is the noice consistent - starts when you start computer and remains that same while computer is on?

    When you cleaned the graphics card, did you clean the fan blades? Are they all cleaned "equally". Sometimes cleaning fan blades can leave uneven amounts of dust on the blades. The fans spin at very hgih speed and are carefully balanced to spin evenly. Uneven cleaning can knock the blades out of balance, creating problems.
  2. Could it be a buzzing sound from the capacitors? Just a guess, I didn't listen either...
  3. The sound is like the blades are touching to the heatsink or some times it sounds like a very old floppy drive at high speed. :D But if I stop the fan, the sound stops, so it can't be from capasitors or other parts. The GPU heat is very high if I play like two hours. It is something like 100 celsius, normally at max 60 celsius. It will sometimes work properly, but it is very rare. Now at this time is is not so loud, but does not sound like normal fan. I guess that if I start playing something, it would be very loud again. And I need to keep my computer on when I use my Xbox in Live, because I have mobile broadband in my desktop and Xbox does not support mobile broadband usb-dongles. :(
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