First build and no power =(

I might just go inasnae, but yesterday I went out and purchased the final pieces to rebuild an old hp pavillion a1224n i had been upgrading. I will post my specs here

GPU: 1gb ddr2 version (PCI not PCI-E)

anything else you need to know tell me. I am about 95% sure i set the psu right and the mobo. I have switched out psu and gpu and cpu's before but this is my first time with a mobo and actually constructing from scratch
another worry for me was that i bought the case in the clearance aisle a tigerdirect. the guy said it was fine but it came out of the box with all the pieces still but a bit messy. i am freaking out here that i cant get it too start. when i do have it plugged in i get a click from the power going on and thats about it
i also did not set the thermos for the cpu and what not in the mobo because i didnt want to mess with them. ill try to post pics as well if necessary.

thanks guys
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  1. What exactly is the issue? Is it just not turning on? Do fans spin up?
    There's a bootup checklist somebody will probably post; I can never find it.

    You probably need to put the CPU cooler on, because some motherboards will not turn boot without the CPU fan plugged in to prevent overheating.

    The case shouldn't be a huge concern. As long as there were any dents that touch the motherboard or a ton of dust, it should be fine.
  2. You might want to check to make sure you have the wires from your case plugged in the correct header spot.
  3. ill try to post some pics for you guys in a few, when i turn the case on i can hear a click of power then nothing, no led's or anything. Im just concerned because i have redone my psu about 3 times now with the same results =/

    also the case did have a shiton of dust in it so ill give it a clean
  4. the click is coming from the PSU?
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