Size Matters!

Hi Guys,

I have just bought a gigabyte 470 gtx SoC which is 11'' long not realizing it is 1.5'' longer than a asus 470 which is 9.5'' in length

I assumed they was all the same length and bought the gigabyte as i thought is was the best 470 to buy!

My problem is i have a pre-built dell 8100 xps and case which medium to small size and i'm worried it wont fit when i come to upgrade.

I do have a 260 gtx inside which came with the pc which is 10.5'' but i believe dell take the casing off so it fits? is this true?

I hope this 470 fits inside! The card looks great!

Thanks in advance for the advice and merry christmas!
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  1. Merry Christmas!
    Take a look inside and see if you have an 1/2" space left behind your GTX260 the PCB is what governs the length of the card.
  2. Thanks! i guess i will just have to crack the case off and have a snoop inside! hope it does fit. if not i will just buy another case! Simple

    merry christmas
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