Upgrading PSU and Video Card

Hey guys,
I posted for the first time last night asking for advice on a new video card and whether or not I should upgrade my PSU


Again, my specs are as follows:

Dell Deminsions 8400
3.5 gigs of Ram
Radeon X1300
P4 3.0
Dynex 400w psu

At the end of the previous thread (before the moderator's closed it) someone had suggested that I get a Radeon 4650 which would cause me not to have to upgrade my PSU.

My questions is, can I get a 4670 instead? I noticed that there is a marked difference in quality:

So, could I get the 4670 instead, would it work with my PSU, and would it make that much of a difference with how old my computer is?
If anyone has any other suggestions on upgrading my PSU and/or video card, I would welcome the input :)
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  1. The information I got on the power consumption of the 4670 was found here:

  2. Yes you will be fine with the HD4670.
  3. Even with my Dynex 400w psu? I've read its a terrible PSU and I keep reading how people are ruining their computers over this kind of thing. So, I can run a 4670 FINE on my dynex 400w psu and am in no danger of ruining my computer?
  4. And what about AMPS, volts, and all of that stuff and the PSU? I apologize I am really ignorant when it comes to computers :(
  5. It says it requires a 400w psu minimum when I look at prices on new egg of the 4670. I just want to make sure. haha there is no way I can afford to fix my pc if someone goes wrong.
  6. The whole system will be pulling no more than 220watts under load with a HD4670. That even falls into the DYNEX PSU's 80+ efficiency rating and as stated in the link I posted before it is a 400watt PSU.
  7. I appeciate your comments rollie59, I am probably going to go with that card then. Merry Christmas to you!
  8. Merry Christmas!
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