Power surge messed up some bios settings.

I came home to find my screen black with a message saying that my ASUS motherboard had the surge protection tripped, it says due to faulty power supply, which i hope is not the case. Anyway. It had to reset some settings in bios to default. But some of the settings it set were not what i know to be the default. My Phenom II X4 975 had the voltage defaulting to 1.4 which is normally 1.35 and the MHZ set to 216 which is normally 200. So i set them back to what i think is the default. Can you confirm for me that the default voltage of Phenom II X4 975 BE is 1.35 and default mhz clock is 200. Thanks for the help!!! :)
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    I read that the voltage is 1.4v. Also, all newer AMD models have a 200Mhz FSB, so you set that correctly.
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  3. Thanks for the best answer. Also, AMD Phenom II CPU have their voltages normally set a bit high, so you could most likely get it running at 1.35v.
  4. My psu is working fine. I believe what happened is the power flicked on and off real quick, and my motherboard saw it as being a power surge, and tripped the surge protection. It then wanted me to restore default settings, which it set some incorrectly.
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