New GTX 460 is Very Noisy

I just put together a gaming rig last night and everything seems to be running well except for the graphic cards. I've got two evga gtx 460 768MB in SLI and they seem to be making an awful lot of noise and this in idle. I've never encountered this much fan noise while running a pc in idle, so i'm confused. Are they defected? Noise is the only problem. Thanks.
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    Noise depends on the cooler. You can download GPU-Z. It allows to monitor GPU temperatures, fan speed, etc. It even allows you to log them into a file. Check at what speed your GPU fans are running. You can also control fan speed at Nvidia control panel. Use manual fan control and reduce the speed. See if it makes less noise at idle. Are they both making a lot of noise or just one of them? If they both do, I guess it is just fan designed that way.
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  3. I found the problem. The serial number sticker on the second card was slightly peeled off so it was touching the fan on the other gpu. I pressed it back down. Now it's all good. Only answer means best answer yyk71200. Thanks.
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